Here you will find free resources produced by our Pastor which have helped guide and instruct our church body. We hope God uses them to bless you as well.

  • Rethinking

    Modern Paradigms

    Rediscovering a Biblical View

    of the Church

    Rethinking Modern Paradigms is Pastor Jason's work calling the church to rediscover a biblical view of the church of Christ. In our age, many are adopting the approach of doing what is right in their own eyes when it comes to life in the church, the practice of worship, church government and what it means to belong to the body of Christ. Calling the church to a more "regulated" approach to ministry, one rooted and grounded in the word of God, Pastor Jason's work offers some needed correctives to the man-centered thinking of many in today's churches. Here is sound biblical wisdom, calling the church back to a biblical view of herself and her ministry.

  • The Sabbath

    Sabbath, Christian Sabbath,

    or Lord's Day

    Though written into the moral fabric of man created in the image of God, etched in stone in precept, taught by Christ as being divinely ordained for man's good and practically established as the pattern for the early church by Christ's Apostles, the Lord's Day or the Christian Sabbath continues to be assaulted from a variety of sides in the contemporary evangelical church. In this work, The Sabbath, Pastor Jason takes what he dubs "A Confessional Approach" in which he examines the teaching of our church's confession, the 1689 and its teaching on the matter at hand. Here is a clear and thought through exposition of what our confession teaches regarding the Lord's Day both in principle and in practice.

  • I Believe

    A Primer for Young People for Learning the Basics of the Christian Faith

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  • Bernard Foskett

    The Athanasius of the West

    The Work of Bernard Foskett Of the Western Association in Stemming the Rising Tide of Arianism Impacting Dissent in 18th Century England.

  • The Framing of Samson Occom

    Moderate Evangelical Preacher of the Great Awakening

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  • Singing the Conqueror's Song

    A Missionary Biography of Samuel Pearce

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  • Benjamin Beddome

    The Fruitful Life and Evangelical Labor of a Forgotten Village Preacher

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  • Glory to the Three Eternal

    *Pastor Jason contributed a chapter in this work available on Amazon.

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