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Meeting Location:

                      Friendship Church

                      901 S Blue Mound Rd, 

Blue Mound, TX 76131

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Correspondence Address:

                    10628 Lipan Trail

                    Fort Worth, TX 76108

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Pastor’s Cell Phone (817) 946-0470


We gather every Lord's Day as a body of believers for a time of worship together. Here is a sample of our order of worship:

Sample Order Of Worship

Sunday Meeting Times:

     1:00 PM Fellowship Meal

     2:15 PM Bible Study

     3:30 PM Worship Service


We are also Live Streaming each Sunday -

Sunday Meeting Location:

    Friendship Church

    901 S Blue Mound Rd, Blue Mound, TX 76131


"The church is not a building made with stone. It is a building made with living flesh. We believers are living stones in God’s temple (1 Pet. 2:5), and when we come together we constitute a place of worship where God manifests Himself in ways that He cannot manifest Himself when we are alone. Believers become the living temple of God, offering to Him spiritual sacrifices not possible anywhere other than in the assembly of the redeemed church".

-John MacArthur